Through our uniquely designed program, project, campaigns events and other community engagements, we deliver key transformative mental health information to young people to ensure informed decisions through educating young people about the mental health and linking them to youth friendly mental health services.
We leverage meaningful youth and adolescent participation to craft human centered and acceptance programs. These are some of our programs, projects and campaigns



Keep CHATTY is a high school program with aim of increasing awareness on positive mental health through providing authentic and age appropriate information that empowers and inspires behaviour change in a supportive young people’s environment. This program is executed through innovative, entertaining and effective methods.



Cont;nue under the tagline “Speak up, Reach out” is a program designed for young people in universities, workplaces and interns to foster a supportive environment around positive mental health. The campaign empowers them to uplift their rights through advocacy around challenges that inhibit them from accessing mental health information and services as well as addressing these challenges and harnessing their potential in these spaces.



The GPD is intended to provide a platform for various stakeholders to interrogate the relevance of mental health and wellness of young people in health and development programming and services delivery. Also, this platform creates an opportunity for critical discussions and dissection of mental health prevention and promotion strategies for young people by young people.



This Program is aimed at empowering and advocating for young people living with disabilities through relevant and unique strategies that emphasize identity creation and recognition. I AM ME will champion the actions that combat stigma and marginalization towards young people living with disabilities and will be a portal through which they can be the change that they would like to have for themselves. It will uniquely address their vulnerabilities and empower them on how to express their need for mental health as well as sexual and reproductive health services.



This program is implemented through an artistic, creative and musical environment as well as the use of iconic characters and role models in the different sectors. Art and creativity as an innovative tool of communication is a highly impactful way of promoting positive mental health behaviour and outcomes for young people through ensuring young people can freely express their mental health challenges through music, art, dance, poetry, writing and any other form of art in a vibrant, open way without the fear of stigma.



This program emphasizes the importance of using a gender transformative lens to reduce vulnerability towards the girl child. Our strategies involve empowering adolescent girls by owning their voices and be at the front line of advocating for their rights and express themselves freely through different channels like dialogues, social media campaigns and more.



This is a program which brings together parents, guardians as well as caretakers of young people. It is one way of boosting stakeholder engagement and assessing the role of parents/guardians in the socio- ecological model through promoting open, warm and meaningful relationships with young people. One of the most important ways parents can help is listen to them and take their feelings seriously with a judgmental free attitude.



With the aim of providing long-term change, the academy is a one-year program organised for champions (volunteers) to equip them with information and skills on mental health as well as other hands-on skills which are necessary for them to reach out and support fellow young people with the information and skills they have acquired through the different projects and platforms. This program is through application by an interested person/group of people.



This is a freemium app that is linking young people to peer and professional mental health services and information through real time access to mental health consoling, information, support groups with ability to stay anonymous.